Quality care for children

Our dedicated Sunnyvale, CA, team provides comprehensive healthcare services for your children. From routine well-child check-ups and immunizations to specialized care for chronic conditions and acute illnesses, we’ve got your child’s health covered. Trust our team for high-quality pediatric care, expert guidance, and development tracking, and valuable insight of your child’s health and well-being.

Pediatric services include:

Our well-child check-ups are designed to monitor your child’s health. Our providers perform regular assessments to understand their health and development over time.

Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of immunization services. We are committed to following recommended vaccination schedules to support children’s health in our community.

Growth and development tracking are crucial aspects of our pediatric care. We use these evaluations to understand your child’s development, offering insights based on our observations.

Our Sunnyvale, CA team is experienced in managing chronic health issues like asthma and allergies. We strive to understand each child’s unique health situation and work collaboratively with families to address these conditions.

We are prepared to provide care for common acute illnesses like as the flu, strep throat, and ear infections. Our clinic is equipped to evaluate and manage these conditions.

Our adolescent medicine services cater to the unique health needs of teenagers. We aim to create an environment where adolescents feel comfortable discussing their physical, emotional, and social health concerns.

Our clinic offers sports physicals, where we assess the overall health of your young athlete. These assessments provide an understanding of potential issues affecting their sports participation.

We offer behavioral health consultations to support children and adolescents facing mental health challenges. Our approach is designed to understand their emotional wellbeing and offer supportive resources and referrals to specialists.

Our nutritional counseling services provide guidance on developing healthy eating habits. Tailored to your child’s age, activity level, and health needs, our advice is designed to support their overall well-being.